POW! Property

POW! Property: addresses the unique features of real estate as an asset class

POW! Property, in conjunction with other POW! modules, allows the user to analyse portfolio risk, allocate assets, simulate, backtest etc etc within a specially adapted version of the standard POW! framework.

Key features include:

  • Linear Risk: a new tool designed to handle concentration risk problems in asset allocation. If the riskiness of a sector depends on the assets you hold in it, and the assets you hold depend on the riskiness of the sector, how do you decide? Linear Risk provides the answer!
  • EWE: The Equal Weighted Equivalent ensures that the impact of value skewness is properly reflected in risk
  • POW! Pivot: a simplified but at the same time more sophisticated version of the familiar Excel Pivot function, which converts a dump from a property database into the statistics you and POW! really need
  • Ability to handle both direct and indirect property, and show the appropriate balance between them according to the portfolio size.

POW! Property is available in 3 forms:

  • As a regular POW! module, allowing you to construct your own models to suit your particular needs. Some of its features such as Linear Risk you may find useful outside real estate, for example in wealth management, where concentration risk must also be addressed
  • As part of a bespoke model, which we would be pleased to construct on your behalf
  • As a ready made model. Those currently available are all based on one of the IPD datasets and include:
    • IPD / OCCAM UK Direct Model
    • IPD / OCCAM UK AREF Model
    • IPD / OCCAM Global Model


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