POW! Frontier

Who is POW! Frontier for?

POW! Frontier is for all Windows users interested in Quadratic Portfolio Optimisation and Risk Analysis. It combines the sophistication of leading quantitative software with the flexibility of Microsoft Excel, enabling you

  • to enter the data you want, the way you want it
  • to optimise your portfolios using the models and parameters that are relevant to you
  • to present the results in reports you have designed, and your clients can understand

What can I use POW! Frontier for?

POW! Frontier can help meet many fund management needs, including

  • asset allocation
  • stock allocation
  • liability management
  • hedge fund
  • index funds
  • property portfolios
  • credit portfolios
  • back-testing
  • style analysis
  • compliance

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How will POW! Frontier meet my needs?

  • POW! Frontier Wizard is an Excel add-in which will set up and solve a wide variety of optimisation problems on a one-off or regular basis.
  • POW! Frontier Automation harnesses the POW! optimiser to the Visual Basic programming language allowing you to solve complex problems, e.g. those not representable as parametric in lambda or involving batch processes such as back-testing or handling multiple mandates.

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