POW! Software

The POW! software range has been developed by OCCAM as a tool specifically for fund managers and other financial professionals. POW! Wizards run within Microsoft Excel using data from your own spreadsheets, and return results where you want and how you want. POW! combines the power of custom-built quantitative software with the flexibility and familiarity of Excel.

Look at this flow-chart to see how they work together.

POW! Frontier - Portfolio optimisation
For all Windows users interested in Quadratic Portfolio Optimisation and Risk Analysis.
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POW! Robust - Bootstrap optimisation
For portfolio managers and other allocators wishing to reduce the impact of estimation risk on their decisions.
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POW! Risk - The ultimate in flexible risk analysis
For risk managers and others who wish to produce tailor-made risk/return analyses and charts
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POW! Toolbox - Financial modelling
Creates a range of risk and return models from your own time series data, then inserts them automatically into a POW! Frontier or other workbook.
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POW! Bayes - Combining your views with the market's
For those who know they don't know everything and want to make the most out of what they do - just so long as they believe Black and Litterman
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POW! Property - Addresses the unique features of Real Estate
In conjunction with other modules, allows users to analyse portfolio risk, allocate assets, simulate, backtest and perform all the usual POW! functions, while respecting the unique features of Property as an asset class
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POW! Empirical - Alternative and model-free risk/return analysis
For those wishing to extend POW! Risk through time and into world of downside risk, empirical and simulated reality
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POW! Mandate - Bringing efficiency to your process
Real-time batching for busy fund managers who have many clients all expecting bespoke treatment in portfolio construction and risk analysis.
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POW! Backtest - Monitoring the performance of investment strategy
For portfolio managers interested in analysing their investment strategy in term of ex ante or ex post active performance or running exploratory simulations.
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POW! Sanity - Forecast checking
Used to check the 'sanity' of your forecasts by comparing them to historic returns.
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POW! Universe - Workbook Creation
Creates POW! workbooks in EXCEL.
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POW! Capture - Harnessing data to meet your needs
The other POW! modules need data, and you know you've got it, but how do you get it into the right form? POW! Capture provides the answer.
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POW! Automation - Function libraries for Frontier, Toolbox, Robust, Bayes ...
Extends the power of POW! modules allowing their functions to be accessed from a client code written in e.g. VB/VBA or VC++. Also includes facilities for numerical data handling, statistics and simulation. Automates repetitive and data-intensive optimisations and analyses; handles applications inappropriate to a spreadsheet.
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Data in POW!
Users needing time series or risk data to use with POW! may be able to obtain it from a third party.
Please contact OCCAM for advice
For evaluation purposes a Data Pack containing sample Equity and Bond Index data is available on request.

Demo versions of POW!
Demo versions of POW! are available on a time limited trial basis.
To receive your copy, please contact us

Training in POW!
Various types of training are available, find more information here.

Application notes
Application notes can be found here.